Italy: Coast Guard ship brings over 1,000 migrants

Oh Salvini, you are gone now, so Italy is back to negro seeding.  Collecting up Negroid savages from the coast of Africa and ferrying they 200 miles to Italy rather than taking them back to Libya or even Tunisia which is 8 miles away.

Why? Because the psycho leftist progressive view which enjoys fucking africans and “saving them” without any regard for the eventual financial and genetic collapse of their own nations. It is a deep psychosis, altruism established FAR outside our tribe with what are basically NON-HUMANS or a lower breed. Its perverse and disgusting and worse, no matter how you feel about it, if they continue it will be our ruin.

The humanitarian ship Ocean Viking has rescued another 30 people from a boat in distress off the Libyan coast, bringing the total number of migrants aboard the rescue vessel to 125.

This current ship is funded by a German/Jewish organization hell bent on committing racial genocide against Europeans:

Central Welfare Board of Jews in Germany executive director Aron Schuster. (Alexander Beygang)

“We as a Jewish organization feel obliged not to be bystanders in a situation where there’s a humanitarian crisis taking place in front of our eyes, especially when it’s so close to Europe,” Central Welfare Board executive director Aron Schuster told The Times of Israel.

“Everything that we do as a social and welfare organization is on the one hand based on of course humanitarian rights, but also on Jewish values,” he said. “And as the Talmud says — when one saves even a single life, it’s like saving all of humanity.” – Aaron Schuster

Except its GENOCIDE

It’s a planned genocide of the white race which the Jews are HAPPILY supporting.  They have been doing this for a long long long long time.  And Uber Jew Soros has funded many of these ships. Maybe Hitler was right in expunging Jews from Germany, sadly they are back in full force working AGAINST Germany.

Last month, the Ocean Viking brought 176 migrants to the port city of Taranto. A couple of weeks later, it brought around 100 more migrants to a Sicilian port. The government allowed those dockings after months of legal and political wrangling over migrant ships in Italy. The country had previously denied safe harbor to rescue ships under the former hardline interior minister, Matteo Salvini.

Greece’s conservative government has announced plans to overhaul the country’s migration management system, replacing existing open camps on the islands with detention facilities and moving 20,000 asylum seekers to the mainland over the next few weeks.