If we formed a break away society, a new mini-state, we  would need a new plan, a new way of doing things. Here are some ideas.

One of the biggest issues we have fallen into is this notion of delayed childhood for women. Women in Mexico have their Quencerana (15 year old coming out party) after which they are “fair game” for partnering up and marriage. Age of consent was 14 to 16 in many states, but they have all been changed to … apparently 30 years of age to “protect the children”. Indeed women are seen as children, yet with full equality, well past the years of child rearing. This needs to change.

Instead we should return to the traditional coming out party at 15, but with a difference. A cast of suiters would apply to each woman and a council of elders would have to approve them. They would have to have established themselves as hard workers and productive. No slackers going on college loans getting the good women.  From this pool of say 100 at the part, the men would give the women their cards with their bios, introduce themselves, chat and dance. The woman then has to make a selection of five.  Each of these five would then accept the woman for a one month trial marriage. There would be no sex no touching, simply see if they could cohabitate. This would continue and if the woman reached the end of her five to no avail, could then pick her second set of five.  But by then she must choose.  Her primary duty to society is to marry and raise children. At least four, preferably SIX. Because the new society is directly in competition against the larger crass broken systems population growth is a must. Women who reach eight or more children are honored with a special gold star they get to pin on their vests and all other women must respect them as honored.

Men on the other hand would work until 30. establish themselves. And not date. They would understand that comes later.  After taking on a first wife, every ten years they would be allowed to take on another if they can prove they have the finances for it. Productive men will get a steady stream of beautiful women to marry at 16 and have them until 26 when they will switch (the women that is) over to raising the children and preparing the household. So a very productive man might have 3 wives and 18 children. The wives however, also get something special. After having at least 4 children and raising them to the age of 16 (their age being 35 or 36) they have the option to leave the household giving the husband one year to find a new wife of 16. Then if they want to be career women they can begin their education and pursue life however they wish. They will wear the bronze star as recognition that they are free of their wifely obligations and have completed their family raising. They will also receive a one time small sum from the household they leave to begin their new life, say $20,000. Which they would have planned for with a saving account depositing $1000 into it every year.

This really does allow everyone the best of both worlds. Men get to pursue their careers and be productive, have children, and wife or wives to take care of the homefront. Women still get to pursue careers once they are done.

And what of the leftover people who are not qualified to marry or work productive jobs. Well they will get the menial jobs and the men will also have the option to go on to the military and establish themselves that way.

Another thing which needs a big rethink is paying taxes. Taxes should be paid when you are dead. 50% of the household would go to the children, and the other 50 to taxes. There should be no taxation holding you back in life. Wealth would have to be registered and could not be blown away on lavish lifestyles the few years before death. Which brings us to…

Medical. One of the reasons why doctors are SOOO ridiculously expensive in America is because we force them to go to school twice. Again treating people like children. This is not the norm around the world. At 16 they should be able to go on and study medine and by 20 qualify to practice. Then they can part time do a specialty internship for an advanced dicipline while still seeing patients. Poor but smart kids could get scholarship to be doctors providing they work 10 years in the free clinics before going onto private practice. And the free clinics would be where many would get a basic checkup, prescription, or broken bone mended.

Guns. Everyone would be trained in the use of guns and all men of 25 years or older would be require to holster a gun on their hip at all times. Anti society crimes like robbery, theft, violence could all be responded to by anyone with a gun. The need for police and prisons would be smaller. And people shot committing a crime would not get free medical care if any.

Drugs.  All drugs would be legal.  But addicts would be eventually forced into either Ibogain (or the lesser large dose psilocybin) recovery centers.  This treatment ends the addictive cravings. But America being so stupid and anti-drug cannot consider it.

Homeless/End of Life Care:  If despite all our efforts you have ended up homeless then you would be wafted over to our Enjoyment centers where fed an ever increasing dose of the purest morphines you would relax away the final weeks of life with gourmet food, music, and entertainment.  Then you’d become dog food.  A similar treatment would be given for the feeble but as long as they were self financially viable they could opt out and continue aging as long as they wish.

Property Taxes: All property taxes would be illegal. Education would be charged for or people could home school and formal home schooling programs and software would be designed and free from the state.

Education: Education would be all self paced. With most people expected to complete to 10th year level by age 16 in order to enter normal society.  College education would only exist for medicine, law, and the hard sciences, with all other degrees being done online.

Immigration: All new people who seek to come into the society would have to pass a group of elders screening and these would be elected by each community of 1000 – 10 elders. Applicants would be screened and have to pass the 10th grade tests before being allowed in.  One issue is would non-Europanics be allowed in this society and yes, they could be, with controlled numbers not to exceed 10% and only those showing great merits – amazing scientists, doctors, musicians, and cooks. All these merits would be specifically tested and qualified by similar councils of elders for each merit area.

Government. Five people of good standing would be chosen entirely by random for each council of elders group.  They would all be vetted to minimum requirements by the elders. Then the public at large would vote. The male of each household would represent the vote for that household. It’s not that women aren’t allowed to vote, but they should make their voice part of that households vote. The bronze star women who have left a successful household and are now in careers can also vote independently.  The number of female voters would always be kept at a subset of the male, keeping a soft patriarchy firmly entrenched.  This would happen naturally as most women aged 16-36 will be under the male household and only some would leave.  As we have learned from the USA and Europe, Gynocracy left to it’s own accord eventually spins out of control and exterminates societies. So that cannot be allowed to happen again.  So say the population of the new state is 10 million.  That’s 10,000 individual councils who each would field one candidate.  Then ten states, each of a million person size, would begin the process of debates and run off of the candidates until the final ten were obtained who would then be given totally free air time each week to speak to the people so that raising money was no longer needed.  These would be chosen at random into pairs of 2 for one on one debates lasting one hour each until each person had debated several other candidates. The group debates of 17 people simply is useless. One on one debating requires thinking and mental sparing and really showing the merits of your ideas.

With the president chosen, the remaining next 10 scoring candidates would be added to the council for a 10 year appointment, and the 10 oldest members of the congressional will retire out. There would be no parties, no groups fighting against each other, just a society of individuals, chosen by the people.  A republic just as the USA is, a constitutional republic bound by laws. We can keep the first 10 amendments more or less, the rest are pretty much trash.

financially, as a society within a society all of this would be made clear to those who joined but protecting our members from the external taxation and militaries of the outer society would be nearly impossible. A piece of land would have to be taken militarily, preferably an island, and with nuclear technology being quite simple to understand by intellectual types, building our nuclear arsenal would be an immediate step before things became too public.  Following the Israeli model we would claim religious need for our own state and anyone who speaks out against us as religious persecution. Call them Anti-White-ites. err something like that.

Currency: Fiat currency would be abandoned for gold-notes, which could always be exchanged (up to some fairly large limit to prevent fat cats from absconding with gold) into gold at any bank.  Banks would make their money from traditional loaning and interest rates would probably be a bit higher to give them enough profits, but it would never be a multiplier of gold reserves it would be 1:1.  So while an american bank has $1M in deposit and can make $50M in loans, our banks would only be able to make $800,000 in loans with the rest being working capital reserves. Corporate stocks, stock markets, and raising capital would all work how they do now.

Trade: There would be a moral system of tariff for all goods coming in starting at 10% base tariff. this would fund the government.  Extra tariff penalties for nations that dont respect property rights or labor conditions until finally countries like China would fail so many of they tests they wouldnt be allowed as trading partners at all

Energy: Advanced safer nuclear designs like the spider arm reactor would be the main game in town, along with solar for electric and cracking water into hydrogen. Cars would be hydrogen or electric with removable batteries, and batteries would be exchanged at a system of fuel stations. No plugs.  No gasoline.  The USA has blocked advanced nuclear design research for decades instead preferring their bomb based water cooled high pressure designes like Fukushima reactors. Madness.

I like to think of the USA as a first experiment, this would be the second. Having learned the lessons from many countries attempts at democracy, this would surely be an improvement.