“Don Tell Me Muh Boo not AP” screamed one mother frantically.  “Muh boo just as smart as those whitey kids it’s just JUJU that they score better on tests, that’s not fair, that’s racist”

In Maplewood New Jersey the high school was considered segregated because although the student body is 40% Black only 20% of the students in AP classes are Black.

Black parents are convinced that their chillin are just as good as white chillin and only racism prevents them from attending the high IQ advanced placement classes.

Columbia high school in Maplewood, NJ, is being sued again for segregating students. This is the third such lawsuit over the last last 8 years. They settled with the Obama Administrations DOJ back in 2014, yet another lawsuits is pending. Back in 2014 when they settled with the Obama administration they eliminated testing requirements for AP classes. AP classes went from being 10% black to 20% Black , but this is still considered segregation. Since 40% of the students are Black they demand 40% of the students in AP classes should be Black. 20% Black is considered segregated. But blacks are only 13% of the US population. So already at 20% they are over-represented even if you throw out ability and IQ. Of course once you consider IQ and ability NONE of the black students should be allowed in AP classes.

Our public high schools have been forced to teach to the DUMBEST not the smartest. the AP classes were the one place where white students got a break out of that dumb system and could actually learn. But apparently that riles up the blacks.

“JUJU it’s just JUJU” screamed another parent.

A group of black parents in Maplewood and South Orange, N.J., have sued their school district in federal court over discrimination. Columbia High School has a tracking system that assigns students to classes based on ability. The school district is saying it can’t comment on litigation. But last year, before the lawsuit was filed, the school board voted to eliminate all lower levels in the tracking system, but the parents feel this does not go far enough…The lawsuit seeks 12 million dollars in damages and demands that classes no longer be tracked and that programs be put in place to help African-American students.