A black girl hugs her new darker anna doll

“Let it go… Let it go… ain’t gonna have a white nation no more”

Frozen 2 has made amends with the terrible white xenophobic package of the first film which contained no black or asian characters.

Frozen 2 has reached out to the black audience with a new black soldier and a new line of BLACK-ish anna dolls.

Lieutenant Mattias is oddly dark skinned for a Norwegan

The first frozen threw off the chains of white men by portraying Anna’s boyfriend, olaf, and even the male reindeer as dumb as a stump and useless. Now Frozen 2 takes that theme further with details of Anna’s colonialist grandfather who slaughtered peaceful natives to carve out her nation. Elsa’s guilt at the truth of her butchering ancestor is too much for her and she freezes nearly to death.

“Let it go… Let it go.. the new negroid society will thrive…”

The Sick Truth – Elsa’s Family Murdered the Innocent Ice people

In Frozen 2 the Elsa clan meets the Northuldra trip which is run correctly by a lesbian woman. Rather than build civilization and castles they live in harmony with the new green deal and prevent global warming.  Elsa tries to take that lesson back as the female leader of her people, and they begin to tear down the castles and go back to nature.

“Let it go… Let it go… ain’t gonna need civilization no mor”

Of course why worry, elsa can make any castle instantly out of ice. While not as warm as the old castles, they are quick and easy without increasing our carbon footprint. The Northuldra tribe explains they could not get permits to build houses because of the near extinct protected snow salamanders that lives in their area. Bruni is sure to sell millions of plush dolls to eight year old girls.


Should u go see it? Yes it’s the first Woke movie to score a box office success bringing in 200 million dollars so far.  Take that star wars!

But wait, this is a chic flick. Where’s the disney movie for BOYS? “Let it go… Let it go… the castration won’t hurt so much”   They could do it!

So what is the secret meaning of Elsa’s journey? Elsa is doing great until the “voices” call to her to “feel guilt” by discovering the truth of her grandfather. She goes into the glacier cave and “goes too deep” into the past losing herself, and feels GUILT over what her ancestors did.  And it nearly killed her.  She literally freezes to death once she feels guilt for white oppression. Anna breaks the symbolic dam of repressed feelings open and they guilt rushes to collapse their home town.

BUT WAIT. Elsa wakes up and realizes that she is the fifth element, a spirit of power and truth, and does NOT HAVE TO FEEL GUILTY for the things in the past, just as white Americans do not have to feel guilty over slavery, fighting with butcherous Indians and taking away their land when they would not cohabitate in peace, or fighting at the Alamo and creating Texas.

I can hear you but I won’t
Some look for trouble while others don’t
There’s a thousand reasons I should go about my day
And ignore your whispers which I wish would go away, oh

Elsa becomes more powerful than ever and turns back the water of guilt and saves the town. Anna now is free to be a grownup and marry and rule. In the end, the true story of social justice woke white guilt trips is SECRETLY overturned by the writers and Disney never realized it.  And it’s because of this, that in the end, it succeeds.