The shocking inspector general’s report concludes that the FBI had “Authorized Purpose” to investigate Trump’s Russia ties even though the CIA and FBI planted the evidence that authorized it.

In short, Horowitz has turned out to be a TRAITOR TO HIS NATION

Shocked? Surprised? Is he a Jew? Is he a member of the deep state. YEP. So don’t be surprised.

They have all been covering for themselves. Like new FBI director Wray NEVER admonished the troops for bad behaviour. They all cover for each other.

And Bill Barr for all his talk about going after them has let Hillary go free even with FIVE OBVIOUS IMMEDIATELY indefensible crimes such as – providing classified documents to Russia or getting 145 million payout for selling our uranium supply to Russia OR … its endless.

The Swamp wins again.  Swamp 5000,00000  Trump 0

ig report.png