Oh Trumpo … you friggin weakling. The art of the deal? More like the art of the MUSH.

Our current 68 Billion in Tariffs do NOT offset the 500 BILLION dollar trade deficit. The new tariffs would be a drop in the bucket but at least they would bring it up to 125 Billion.  But for the FIFTH TIME Trumpo has delayed tariffs because they are in “negotiations”

I call BULLSHIT. And who cares about China buying our agricultural products. And what’s this SHIT about giving 10 Billion MORE To farmers.  Our farmers are rich fatcats already slopping in the mud like stuck pigs with a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR farmer bill which gave them billions for NOT PLANTING and other rip offs.

Somehow Trump thinks that makes him an evil genius, NO it makes him a wuss.

By not raising Tariffs as they SHOULD HAVE Trump has flunked the ART of the deal which is FIRST and FOREMOST to lead with a strong hand.

Never trust a Billionaire to do a mans job.


U.S. and Chinese trade negotiators are laying the groundwork for a delay of a fresh round of tariffs set to kick in on Dec. 15, according to officials on both sides, as they continue to haggle over how to get Beijing to commit to massive purchases of U.S. farm products President Trump is insisting on for a near-term deal.


In recent days, officials in both Beijing and Washington have signaled that Sunday is not the final date for reaching a so-called phase-one deal—even though that is the date President Trump has set for tariffs to increase on $165 billion of Chinese goods. That date could be extended, as has happened several times when the two sides thought they were on the verge of a deal. Those prior deals, though, never held and tariffs continued to mount.

Chinese and U.S. officials involved in the talks say they don’t have a hard deadline. On Friday, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on two television appearances that there were “no arbitrary deadlines.” Such remarks from Mr. Kudlow—especially when they are restated several times—often reflect the president’s views and have been echoed privately by other U.S. officials.

With both sides hinting that negotiations could be extended beyond Dec. 15, Mr. Trump himself has gone back and forth in his public remarks between threatening a prolonged trade battle and trying to calm jittery investors. White House adviser Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, has recently become involved in trying to help the two sides reach a trade agreement.