So all the old people are there.  They’ve got Victor drago, brigitte Nielson with white hair.  and stallone is touching and great as always. But it ends with annoying negro rapping. horrific rapping.  One thing is clear and thats how well 60 yr old stallone has aged. And he’s got heart. But he couldn’t save this disaster.

This is a movie for black people. Like all the movies its been hit with WOKE. Now the white people are all bad and the blacks are the heros.

It started with the Stallone movie where an old rocky can’t really match a young black fighter cause … it was a myth that whites can fight… except… Rocky Marciano the true Rocky was undefeated.

It was crappy even the fight scenes were terrible. Really slow. contrived. Nothing at all like Rocky.  You didn’t end up cheering for anyone. Rocky V was better than this!

don’t waste your time on this junk.