Oh man, I really burned some Jews the other night. They were all like “happy hanakuh” and shit, and so I was like “Merry Christmas Christ Killers” and they were all like “don’t be anti semitic” and I was like “Gee, who got kicked out of 177 countries, must ha been … DA JEWS”  and they were all like “thats just cause people are anti-semitic” and I was all like “Yah, like we hate you cause youre jews not because you starved EIGHTY MILLION UKRANIANS to death” and they were like “don’t be anti semitic” and I was like “Oh like the Albanian Genocide of 2 million you guys did? Or the six million German prisoners you starved to death after world war II” and they were like “youre anti semitic ” and I was like “yah, I hate you cause your jewish, not cause you killed 20 MILLION Russians in your takeover not to mention murdering the Czar” and they were like “jew hater your just a jew hater” and I was like “well one million jews did die in concentration camps when the jews and commies in America bombed the supply lines so… I guess that’s something.”   If that’s being Anti-Semitic,  call me the Semite Santa”