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The 13-year-old told investigators that he and the other suspects — all middle school classmates — tried to rob Majors on a staircase in the park and that one of the older boys stabbed her when she put up a fight, a detective testified in court.

The police issued an official statement – “Race played no role in the murder of a white teen by 3 black youts”

So Niggruhs turn criminals once the testosterone hits, which is age 13. You HAVE BEEN WARNED


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Since the murder of Barnard College freshman Tessa Majors on December 11, the Main Stream Media have been up to their usual tricks. As with the Knoxville Horror and so many other crimes, they have, yet again, downplayed or suppressed outright the racial angle and the savagery of the killers, who mutilated the 18-year-old beauty’s face. But worse, the Fake News retailers have already begun selling the Central Park Five narrative: that the three suspects might be innocent, despite a confession.

Those suspects are a 13-year-old, who confessed; a 14-year-old, who was collared December 13 and released the next day, uncharged; and the other who jumped out of a car on his way to surrender to cops. He NYPD, which thinks Majors left a bitemark on him in her fight to live, has mounted an all-out search  [‘All hands on deck’ in manhunt for 14-year-old Barnard murder suspect, NYPD says, by Aaron Katersky, Erielle Reshef, and Emily Shapiro, ABC News, December 19, 2019].

Confessions and flight from the police aren’t obvious signs of innocence. But we’ve seen this movie more than once.

Thus not one MSM outlet has reported that the suspects are black. The New York Post identified the one who confessed, Zyairr Davis, but like the rest of the MSM left him raceless