sung to alvin and the chipmonks christmas time

Kwanza Kwanza Kwanza Time

You’ll get rapes, but you’ll be fine

cooperative work and social tunes

I still want a Kwanza Hoop

Ron Everett May have done some rape

Oh Kwanza don’t be late

Soldering irons upon their face

tiny toes in metal brace

A tube of bleach shoved up their nose

Oh Kwanza really knows

Kwanza Kwanza Kwanza time

It’s not from Africa but you’ll you fine

Six years in jail its called Ron doing time

Don’t believe the whitey dupes

I still want mmy Kwanza Hoop

Oh Kwanza don’t be late!


Seven candles burning bright

But what day we forgot what night

To celebrate our Kwanza fate

oh Kwanza don’t be late!