trump darth

People often ask where does Trump’s wisdom come from. But it’s quite simple really, it’s all Star Wars Episode III.

Earlier in the week Trump declared himself “The Chosen One”

At the G7 Presser, reporter Dante SanClair asked him if he would “try to reach a deal with China” and Trump aptly replied “Do or Do Not, there is no Try”

Some called it 4D Chess but we have a simpler explanation. Stuck on Air Force One for countless hours, it turns out the only movie collection they have is Star Wars Episodes 1 to VI. He’s watched them over and over.

Still Don’t Believe It? Check out these exchanges with his senior staff.

Bolton – If we withdraw from Afghanistan ISIS will take hold

Trump – I find your lack of faith disturbing


Mnuchin – Sir a recession is imminent what can we do?

Trump – Use the FED


Admiral Rogers – Sir, you are being spy-ed upon by the FBI and CIA

Trump – I have sensed a disturbance … they have fallen to the deep state side

Jim Jordon: Sir, we have found evidence that Comey and McCabe sought to overthrow your presidency

Trump: Always two there are

Comey: You are not a target of our investigation

Trump: When we first met I was but a learner now I am the master. You’re fired.