Some people say this is a site of hate. On the contrary the goal is to lift everyone up. But the leftists and commies have been lying to us, telling enormous lies that all the races are equal, that we can have a net tax positive society with multitudes of dysgenic peoples with lower IQs and Psychopathological traits, they have twisted the truth like a sith lord and only deal in absolutes.

So first and foremost we tell the truth, the painful truths. Because the truth will set us free. And knowing what is happening we have some chance of redirecting our destructive path away from flying directly into the sun.  I don’t know if that will happen.

We are in a tailspin of out of control Gynocracy, Feminism, Communism, and literally half our politicians lying commie scum.  And the other half are only somewhat better. Given two years to end birthright citizenship and to move soldiers from other nations borders back to our own Trump has done nothing.

I gave a nice woman a CD of some christmas music. “Oh I’m not christian” she replied as if she couldn’t listen to it.  It’s just music I replied. You can still enjoy it.

That’s how it is with Christmas. You don’t have to be a devout Jesus toadie to understand that one time a year we put aside our differences and embrace hope and good will to men. Or to know that it is good.  This is why other holidays fall short. Chanukuh is celebration of survivng a war.  Kwanza says one of the candles is solidarity.  Ramadan is also celebration of war. During Ramadan, Muslims celebrate the fact that it was in this month that God first revealed the words of the Quran to Mohammed – “go out and slaughter and enslave other nations”.  No the other religions don’t get it not even close.

And that’s precisely why christmas is special. See the two links on top of the page for a fable about christmas and also the true story of christmas.

And I wish all of you that the true meaning and spirit of the holiday – whether christians, athiest, or turnip worshipers – reaches into your heart and you discover both your humanity and your connectedness to the spiritual universe.