This first guest on the Stephen Crowder show is AMAZING for how brainwashed he is. What a weak CUCK.

“We don’t live in a perfect world we have marginalized these (black) communities we need help to bring them UP to the middle class so they can help other members of their communities so we can eliminate poverty and inequality”

What a horrific bunch of hogwash.  We have not done Anything. What if these communities fall short BECAUSE they are genetically inferior? What if their high levels of psychopathology and LOW IQ are the reason that blacks are doing poorly. We did not do this to THEM they did this to themselves because THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE.

“The african american community has been marginalized MORE than the asian american community … because internment camps are nothing like slavery. Slavery had a lasting effect”

Maybe it’s the genetics not the slavery? Maybe the lasting effect is GENETICS? The fact that they are Africans and didn’t develop as much as western peoples did.

His argument that slavery has an effect that magically lasted generation after generation is NONSENSE. What’s lasting so long is the INHERENT GENETIC INFERIORITY in the african race. Other races were enslaved – notably ITALIANS – and yet… look at the geniuses from the italian renaissance.

Finally, Crowder interviews a Professor of HIP HOP at Princeton. If that doesn’t scare you that Affirmative Action is deeply wrong nothing will.