Corsi makes a pivotal analysis of the origin of the Trump Russian Collusion plot.

“The entire operation in 2016 of the CIA and FBI Began with a lie and all was designed to fabricate that conclusion … it was backwards… here there was no crime… they started with the crime and tried to find the evidence for it.” – Jerome Corsi (more or less)

The CIA and Brennan pushed British Intelligence to push Mifsud to  entrap Page with the statement that Russia had Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Brennan’s personal role in the Trump-Russia collusion saga dates back to at least the summer of 2016 (and perhaps even earlier) when he met with a top British intelligence chief to discuss Trump’s supposed ties to the Russians. Around the time of that meeting, and following its conclusion, American and foreign spies began to make contact with members of the Trump campaign, with some claiming to have access to Russian secrets involving the Hillary Clinton campaign. Brennan later seemed to take credit and defend the espionage operation, which again, relied on the dossier to legitimize spying on Americans.

Brennan, as CIA director, reportedly inserted the Clinton-funded-and-manufactured Steele dossier into a draft version of the highly scandalous Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) on Russian interference, which was published under the auspices of Donald Trump’s political opponents in early January 2017, just two weeks before President-elect Trump took office. – Jordan Schatel

Comey and McCabe were COMPLICIT in this plot to GET TRUMP and are also GUILTY of presenting FALSE EVIDENCE to FISA that they knew was incorrect.

That is entrapment. And its a plot to overthrow the president. We are at war in Syria, and treason during a time of war is punishable with DEATH. See also the excellent Corsi review on what happened, the PREDICATE to spying on Trump.