Illegal alien invaders and their non-citizen children have now hit 100,000,000 according to a study by the Nation Institute.

“Most studies consider the children of invaders citizens, so they say the number of invaders is between 40 and 60 million. But we count their children as invaders and according to the 14th amendment rightly so. That pushes the true numbers of illegals in our country much higher, to the one hundred million mark” – Jarell Smith

So now we finally realize why walmarts keep their signs all in spanish and why whole cities in texas have only spanish radio stations. It’s not the 11 million number they say on the news in 2019, even though that was the number during the CLINTON presidency in the 1990s.

By the time Trump finishes that wall we will be 90% Hispanic. What then Trumpo, What then?

The Democratic party is now party of the Invaders not the American Citizens.  If they ever get elected into power ever again our nation as we know it will cease forever.