penis head

A botched penis circumcision led to the accidental severing of the penis.

“It just slipped!” said the moyel, a jewish penis chopper. Jason, a 30 year old film student at NYU had finally decided to give in and get his penis modified to represent his newly acquired jewish faith. “They said it would be no big deal” sighed the disfigured student.

Because of the necrotic tissue, the penis could not be re-attached in-situ and instead had to be attached to the patients forehead while the site grew back.

“We 3D Printed a lattice from the patient’s own stem cells, and then instruct them to grow genital tissue. We have grown ears and livers, but this is our first ‘member’ we have tried to reconstruct” said Dr. Jonz Lattimore.

Although temporary for a few months, the days of walking around as “penis face” have psychologically traumatized him.

“I can’t wait to get it off” said the film maker, “I can’t even wear a hat to hide it when I go out, they said that might damage it so I mostly stay inside except when I do a grocery run”. Apparently several women have expressed interest until they learned it was non-functional. Hopefully in a few more months he will get his member properly re-attached where it belongs.

Millions of men in America had their penises mutilated to push Jewish culture. The procedure was even covered by medicaid.  Lack of orgasm, infertility, and sensitivity loss are the minor complications of the procedure. Bad infections and cutting errors lead to serious disasters. It was all a plan to reduce the population of white non-jews and flood the nation with dark immigrants, and it worked.  Men already face low sperm, now dysfunctional penises are just one more hurdle men face.

Now for the big question. Why is there outrage over female genital mutilation but silence on male genital mutilation? Iceland tried to ban the procedure and millions of jews began to file lawsuits against them for discrimination even though no jewish people live in Iceland. It’s all about control. Remember a circumcised penis is a statement that you are a jewish slave, not a free citizen.