Our Fake Degrees Make Us the Best Programmers in the World


Mike Lee and Dick Durbin’s bill to grant instant green card like status to the savage fake degreed Indians who have taken technology jobs from Americans – FIVE MILLION OF THEM IN AMERICA ALREADY for only four million technology jobs – thats genocide, that’s a slaughter, thats 100% unemployment for Americans and THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS.


NOT ONLY should we not be EXPANDING this genocide program, we should be ENDING IT. Set the numbers back to 5,000 a year not 355,000 a year.



The bill now allows guest workers waiting for green cards to stay longer in the United States with renewable work permits. Those who apply for this “Early Adjustment” status would be given full workplace rights and their children who age out of their visas would be protected from deportation. (And remember, Trump’s mooted closing of the Anchor baby loophole has not yet happened, so all U.S. born children of guest workers are automatically citizens). The deal puts no caps on the number of migrants who can apply for Early Adjustment. This change could upend America’s entire immigration system and allow hundreds of thousands of migrants to stay in the country indefinitely.

“Under the bill, anyone on a long term temporary visa who finds a professional job will, after a wait of 270 days, be able to obtain a three-year renewable work permit and permission to travel in and out of the country,” Center for Immigration Studies policy director Jessica Vaughn told Breitbart in December.  “It will be a status comparable to green card status, but without having to wait in line or be restricted by annual immigration limits. It will potentially apply to hundreds of thousands of people each year, including foreign students, exchange visitors, NAFTA workers, investors, and more” [GOP Sen. Mike Lee Predicts Quick Passage of S.386 Visa-to-Voter Bill, by Neil Munro, Breitbart, December 18, 2019]

Under the current rules, immigrants who apply for a green card while working on a temporary visa have to go back to their home country to wait for approval. But the Durbin-Lee deal allows them to work in America—and displace American workers—for as long they want.

The Durbin-Lee deal also tries to appease those who are ineligible for Early Adjustment status. The bill now reserves 4,600 green cards for immigrants stuck in the backlog overseas and who are not eligible for early filing.

Hopefully significantly, the bill has garnered criticism from the White House. “I don’t think that bill, as currently written, is going to be passing the Senate anytime soon,” Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller told Lou Dobbs in October. “The administration has made clear that our view on [H-1B visas] is that you cannot displace or replace American workers. And the president has taken unprecedented action in the immigration space to do exactly that, including most recently with the public charge regulation to keep newcomers from taking advantage of our welfare system.” [Stephen Miller: H-1B visa bill won’t pass ‘anytime soon’Fox Business, October 2, 2019]

In that interview, Dobbs said S. 386 would “double H-1b visas.” Lee called that fake news and said his bill protects American workers. “I 100% agree with the White House that the H-1B program should not be used to displace or replace American workers,” the senator said in an October press release. “S. 386 is also ‘number neutral’, meaning it does not increase the number of visas, H-1B or otherwise in anyway, and under no circumstances will it become a vehicle for increasing overall immigration levels.”

The line that it will not increase overall immigration levels is probably what convinced immigration patriots like Gaetz, Cotton, and Perdue to support it. But the new rules allow hundreds of thousands of guest workers to stay indefinitely as long as they receive Early Adjustment status. The new bill increases the immigrant impact by no longer forcing guest workers to leave. Now an American has to compete with low-paid guest workers who can stay for as long as it takes to obtain a green card. That sure sounds like S. 386 will be used to displace American workers, contrary to Lee’s statements.