The first future is the return to a soft patriarchy.  Men work in the world and women keep the home and produce many babies. Cars are brilliant and amazing, houses gleam and are affordable, and the new six hour day four day workweek lets people rest enough to always give the next week its all. Rather than the old 50 – 52 work weeks a year, America has reformed itself such that there are 4 weeks of flexible vacation plus one month in summer.  Doctors go straight to medical school and skip college so medical costs are lower.



The second future the fat hippo feminists win.  All movies are de-masculinized and women with few skills take on roles like doctor and engineer leading to many deaths and bridge collapses.  The nation embraces socialism and debt, and welcomes immigrants from the whole world to come live here, driving taxes through the roof and housing prices. Water is scare and fresh food is unheard of.  People end up living in tiny horror boxes and the streets are dangerous after ICE was disbanded and the police were replaced by the new “Help force”. FAT is the new sexy and the reproduction rate plumits to near ZERO. Only the dysgenics on welfare breed producing a dumb society that can no longer fix the modern “jedi” services they cannot understand.  Sewage runs in the street. Eventually the Chinese and the Mongols arrive to take over. Women who are thin or young are rounded up and put into slave barges while the fat hippo women are shot for pig food.  The nation ceases to exist and the new Chinese/Mongol hoardes establish a strict patriarchy where women live only in chains.