And the fallout begins.   IRAN is now headlong pursuing its nuclear bomb.  err Nuk-u-lur as georghe Bush would say.

According to the semi-official FARS news agency.

“The Islamic Republic will no longer observe any limits on the operational aspects of its nuclear program, to include uranium enrichment capacity, enrichment percentage, levels of enriched material and research and development,” Fars reported, citing a statement from the government.

So there it is.  And will Israel tolerate a nuclear Iran? I wonder.

The time bomb on the middle east is ticking. Action will have to be taken within two months to avert this. That action cannot come from the USA.  So will Israel act?

One wonders if this action was more a response to John Kerry Meddling than anything else.

According to the Globe, Kerry’s highly unusual shadow diplomatic maneuvers include engaging in multiple meetings with high-level Iranian officials in the last several months. For instance, Kerry met with Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif two months ago then again two weeks ago at the United Nations in New York to discuss ways to keep the Iran nuclear deal intact.

Meanwhile, North Korea is readying it’s bombs and missiles again.

“Twump he no give me billions. My country still dump. Where big hotels from Movie?” Kim Young Un said recently.  “err you didnt understand that was for ceasing your nuclear ambitions”   “Oh no, I no cease, remember Ghadafi? Put a sword up his ass. No way”

Meanwhile Iran has taken the 180 billion John Kerry and Obama gave them and built nuclear reactors and missiles.  Gee that was great…. really really great.

Sadly, Trump will be forced to clean this mess up and it wont be pretty. Coming next? If they are smart they will ignore the military and attack the Mullahs. Maybe have a few women walk down the main street of Baghdad in heels and mini skirts and makeup. Have snipers on the roof waiting for the Mullahs to try and do shit. That’s what I’d do.

It’s really weird to think that you have to kill your priest class, but that’s about where they are. Although ask yourself how hard can it be to beat up 80 year old men with long white beards? We should have spent the 180 billion on the people of IRAN arming them so they can rise up.  Oh well.