Trump responded to the Iraqi demand that we exit Iraq by demanding we get repaid in full for our bases there.  Well add in the full cost of the war.  They owe us Six Trillion. We will take payment in oil – 100% of their production for the next 10000 years.

Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani had flown into Baghdad on a normal carrier flight, carrying a diplomatic passport. He had been sent by Tehran to deliver, in person, a reply to a message from Riyadh on de-escalation across the Middle East. Those negotiations had been requested by the Trump administration.

So Baghdad was officially mediating between Tehran and Riyadh, at the behest of Trump. And Soleimani was a messenger. Adil Abdul-Mahdi was supposed to meet Soleimani at 8:30 am, Baghdad time, last Friday. But a few hours before the appointed time, Soleimani died as the object of a targeted assassination at Baghdad airport.

This is a bit problematic. Moral, never go on a diplomatic mission sanctioned by the USA you might never come back.

Just like the sabre up the butt to Khadaffy, who is ever going to trust the USA after this? How will peace negotiations ever get done if everyone is terrified to leave their country?

Its a tough question. Meanwhile you can see why the Iraqi’s are pissed.