Alas the state department has been busy scuttling the real H-1B numbers from reports, just like they removed technology jobs as a category so no one could see the Genocide.

Vaughan said there were “500,000” H-1B visa holders here in America. Well that’s pretty close, she’s only off by a factor of TEN!

Luckily here at PM we have archives of the real totals. Here they are:

h-b numbers

So let’s say the average is 300,000 H-1Bs issued each year and they stay for about 10 years ( they get exemptions when working for defense or when a green card application is pending).  Thats three million each decade.  The fed published that about 40% convert to permanent status, thats another million if we use a conservative number of 30% conversion to green card permanent status. . So we are at 4 million now. But wait.  This program has been going on for three decades. Add a million from the prior decade. Thats FIVE MILLION.

A very conservative estimate is 4 million American tech jobs have been handed over to low IQ fake degreed fake resumed slag workers.  How many total tech jobs are there in America? About 4.2 million. So thats basically 100% genocide of the American technology elite.