Trump’s Laura Ingraham interview was utterly miserable to listen to. Essentially he doesn’t care and doesn’t realize that FOUR MILLION AMERICAN software engineers have lows their jobs to low priced fake degreed slag labor brought here on the h-1B visa.

Every year we bring in 250,000-350,000 more of these slag workers replacing Americans and no they don’t have to try to hire Americans first. In several publicized cases, they actually lay off the American engineers then bring in Indians and Chinese slag labor to replace them. It’s not illegal.

The size and scope of this jobs genocide is enormous – FOUR MILLION American engineers have lost their jobs or suffered lower wages as the slag labor pours in year after year for 30 years. Politicians will do nothing to stop it. They care not a whit for Americans. They don’t care that this policy literally is killing americans.

“Hire Americans FIRST” said Trump. He had a signing ceremony. Committees were formed. Everyone VOWED they would work to hire americans first. Except they didnt. Next year another 350,000 negros from India arrived takin away the jobs of our smart people. Were they smart? Nope dumb as camel dung they were. They had fake pieces and paper that said they were smart enough, but they weren’t.


So I called up Trump. “what happened you said hire americans first. why are we still throwing our best and brightest engineers into the streets”

Trump said the ceos told him they couldnt find nobody to hire.  Then a week later they layed off their american employees to make room for another boatload of Indians with fake degrees. Then Boeings planes started falling from the sky. didn’t matter, they were savin money and got big bonuses.  By the time the stock crashed they were long gone in fancy houses and big yachts. I reckon them boeing execs knew better than to ride in their own airplanes designed by them fake degreed Indians.

I wont bother voting. Politicians are just liars. Trump broke his promises and I won’t forget that in 2020.