“Greata, Your Hair is TOOOO Long, No Wonder we have Climate Change!” cooed the Prince.

Greta blushed confused, pondered for a minute before responding.

“How Dare You. I should be in School”

But the Prince was adamant. “Greta, it’s just really freakin long. Are you a a twelve year old girl or Chewbaka?”


“See my point exactly!” replied the Prince triumphants.

Well, Greta did cut her hair that day, and suddenly all the scientists came forward “We no longer have a issue with climate change. The climate it can change. Is OK!” said Luigi Perroconini. Other scientists began to cry “We are saved! Saved!”

Another scientist was seen cruising down the street in a H2 Hummer smoking six cigars at once. We asked for comment but all he would reply is “Ha ha ha”

Yes Greta the crisis is over. Go back to school.