The finnish women believe non-whites are awesome mates. Until they end up dead.

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2020

Hasan Alqina and Sanni Ovaska.

Thank you, Hasan.

Your service to Finland will forever be remembered.

Vastarinta (Translation):

According to police suspicion, a homicide took place in Hämeenlinna on Monday. The details of the incident are so far bleak, but several sources indicate that the murder victim is a liberal Finnish woman who has been dating an intruder.

If the allegations are true, the victim is Sanni Ovaska from Hämeenlinna. There have been several screenshots of a woman’s Facebook updates revealing her opposition to “racists”, her support for open borders, and her so-called “gay rights.”

He is alleged to have been murdered by a Muslim born in Jaffa, Israel, called Hasan Alqina. Apparently, Alqina himself also died, possibly as a result of suicide, after the crime. According to his social media, Alqina is a religious Muslim at least enough to remember to praise Allah quite often.

It is unclear how Ovaska has personally addressed the dilemma of dating and supporting gay rights at the same time. So far, it is not known whether he still condemned racism at the last moments of his secular life.