Trump’s hiring of warmonger John Bolton was one of the biggest mistakes of his presidency. He had to fire him. Bolton was a vicious war thirsty dog who never fought in war himself. Which is typical. And his hatred of Iran and prediction that by 2020 Iran would fall are par for the Bolton doctrine of war and attack and disrupt. Bolton fit in great with warmongers Bush, Bush, and Clinton and Obama. But hit a roadblock with Trump.

Now, Bolton KNEW the trump impeachment was going on for many months. So he could submit his book manuscript KNOWING it would be a knife in the back of the president during impeachment. The Bolton strikes back. And Vidman’s twin brother approving the manuscript? All of this violates national security and the Bolton book should never have been approved. The only reason it was is because its a backstab maneuver coordinated to remove the president.

But even if Trump did what Bolton suggested, it’s not impeachable. Truth be told we should NOT have given foreign aid to Ukraine based on how corrupt the nation was.  Possibly only give the javelin anti-tank weapons, but not a billion in cash. In fact we should cancel all foreign aid period. We are in DEBT. You do not borrow from China to give to Ukraine.

This is the NEOCONS fighting back. The republican war mongers who make BIG MONEY off the death machines and senseless killings. And Bolton is slated to get 2.1 million off this book.  Profiting off failure.  It’s sickening. These crooks have stolen enough.  When these ass-hats publish books foundations buy them up, and then throw them in the dumpster. It’s all a way to funnel cash as payback for starting wars in which babies burned alive. SICK!

To hell with Bolton. His time and the time of the NEOCONS is OVER. Bring the troops home and get them on OUR BORDER where they are needed, not in stupid wars in the middle east and Africa which endlessly through their dysgenic bloodlins are incapable of modern stable society. Gaddafi was the best of them and built his nation up, and Hillary shoved a sword up his Ass. That’s the payback he got for playing Nice with America. That one act by Hillary and Bolton destroyed American foreign policy for decades. To hell with these bastards and swiftly please.

(turn off the sound on the video, the newscaster is annoying, sadly its the only link i found…)