In traditional jewish days, the circumcision was to snip off just the very tip of a detached foreskin. Often NOT at birth when the  foreskin is solidly attached.

But the JEWS in the modern age became obsessive to remove ALL the protective foreskin. And on Babies. And then sucking on the penis of the baby. Gee wonder why they got so insistent on that?

So Now in present day, doctors strap infants to hard boards and without anesthetic RIP the FORESKIN OFF THE PENIS WITH PLIARS.  Then they slice it off. Ripping out chunks from the corona of the penis.

Now removing two thirds of the nerves is one thing. But without a foreskin, there is no tug on the frenum, which is how males receive pleasure in sex. So the only other way to get stimulated is to have a penis shoved up your ass. Not good.

In the first-ever proposed federal guidelines on the practice, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it may ask doctors to inform both new parents and sexually active men about the benefits of circumcision in cutting down the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The CDC argues that circumcised men reduce their risk of getting HIV from a female partner and lower the chances of transmitting herpes and human papillomavirus, among other benefits.

“The first thing it’s important to know is that male circumcision has been associated with a 50 to 60 percent reduction of H.I.V. transmission, as well as a reduction in sexually transmitted infections such as herpes, bacterial vaginosis and the human papilloma virus (H.P.V.), which causes penile and cervical cancer,” Dr. Jonathan Mermin, director of the CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, told The New York Times.

But of course, there’s no evidence for this, only JEWS pushing this barbarism. OUTRAGEOUS! Show me the evidence. The only reason why there is a lower incidence of disease spread is because circumcision totally wrecks  a male’s ability to enjoy sex.

So what is the analogue if this were done to women? It would be either to FULLY remove the clitoris AND/OR sew up the vagina closed.

Not good.