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As crippling verdicts in unfair divorce courts ruin men financially, more and more men are choosing to go their own way.  The Men Going Their Own Way movement – MGTOW – has been picking up steam as more and more younger men look at their older and financially destroyed male role models.

From a high of 95 marriages each year in the post WWII boom, to todays paltry 25, a radical re-structuring of society is occurring in response to feminism and the completely outrageous divorce courts in the USA. Women love getting half the stuff and half the husbands future earnings, but many men are commiting suicide in response to these heavy handed rulings in favor of women.

If we compare the Millenials to the older generation we can see that a dramatic shift has taken place.


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Finally, as terrible and bleak as this is, things are even worse throughout Europe. Sweden had less than half the marriage rate of Americans in 2000. But women still love the huge divorce settlements and government welfare handouts for having children and chucking their men away, and even if they do not get divorced, just having that much power over the men in their marriage is something they won’t give up easily.

Even worse, if we look at the number of family based households in America, we can see that we have just jumped off the cliff (around 2007) and now new household formation is in DECLINE even though population is rising. One reason for this is that Hispanic invaders RARELY declare their marriages to make the woman a single mom with children, which equals the free money welfare bonanza. Also the 40 year old hispanic married to the 14 year old girl doesn’t go over too well when they try to register their marriage. But when they deliver their babies, many nurses tell the story of the older man who is always there.

In America the Europanic replacement rate is very low – 1.6. But the non europanic esp the low IQ welfare class is very high – 2.5. So they say HEY our replacement rate is 2.1 no worries america isn’t suffering the fate of europe. But look at the number of cities that are now > 50% non europanic and you will see that is the symptom of the horror thats coming. all our cities are becoming detroits. The symptom of this is the BLACKIFYING of America and fewer tax paying Europanic households with children. Our new low IQ society will be more and more like a third world, parts of California, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis already are.

The first step in fixing this is absolute reform in divorce courts where false claims of abuse are not used to take everything from men, where children are not taken from men, and there are strict limits on how much can be taken in a divorce and given to a wife. Only by reforming the divorce horror that older dumb generation men had no clue about but wake up and get utterly destroyed, only with radical change in what it means to be married for men, will things turn around. Of course the cucks will always get women pregnant and have to support them, but those are the lower IQ betas and society in general will trend downwards. It already has.  Our IQ peak was probably 1965. We are savages today by comparison and our inner city high schools literally resemble apes in a zoo not civilized people.

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