So Trump’s plan is basically Israel’s planned genocide of Palestein.  With Jared for a son, it’s no wonder he takes Isreaeli’s position.

Instead of POCKETS of villages, the palestineans NEED 2 things:

1) Access to the SEA

2) ONE modern city

3)  borders with other nations

The PM plan gives them access to the Mediterranean AND to the Sea of Gallilea

The PM plan gives them AKKA, a historical city

The PM plan gives them a SEA PORT for trade

The PM plan REMOVES the entire gaza strip and relocates them to New Palestein

The PM plan provides no man lands borders with Egypt, and with New Palestein.

Haifa and Nazareth are NOT included in palestinean territory. But they will be in range of rocket launches. So these should eventually become HYBRID cities welcoming people from both nations.

A huge rebuilding campaign should take the new jerusalem and build up it’s ports, cities, and housing districts to support the palestinean people.

The crusaders lost AKKA in 1261. It’s largely a arabbian city today.

Arab Palestinians still live in the old city of Akka, with their buildings, cultural, religious and historic sites largely intact as a result of these Palestinian residents’ tireless efforts. With the exception of Nazareth, Akka is the only historic Palestinian city within the green line where this is the case. For various reasons, this strong Palestinian presence in Akka is an uncomfortable fact for Zionist and Israeli authorities who have expanded and escalated their Judaization efforts in the city over recent years.

With land to trade, AKKA a city to base a government in, and with sea ports, borders to Lebanan and Jordan, this new design would lead to a prosperous NON-Intermingled Palestein.  Israel could then be defended properly, while Palestineans could welcome their new soverign nation with CLEAR borders.

A stage 2 which would establish a restricted land swath that encompasses Haifa and Nazareth, with free passage from both peoples into those cities but no other settlements, would provide a good border to shelter from rocket attacks (which should not happen anymore as there is now a conclusion to the jewish invasion).


The trump plan is dog shit. They are ass-hat idiots. PM has the answers.