Supuh Bowl. The game that doesn’t matter. Of paid low IQ savages bump into each other. I do not care. Let them all spread their corona virus. That one guy at the top is looking a bit pale to me. Who in their right mind gathers into a meeting of 100,000 when a deadly virus outbreak is going around?

Sports has only one purpose – TO CUCK THE MALES

Live it Learn it Love it

The males have been cucked. And our nation is dying. And the stupid cucked males think they exhibit testosterone. Their teams are negros. They are insane. Cheering for black millionaires does not stop the fiscal collapse of our nation and does not stop the dysgenic collapse of our nation.

Where were they cheering on the border wall, and ice arrests. No that doesn’t matter. They will continue to thrive in their newly third world negroid society until the bathrooms back up because all the smart people who can fix things have left.

Lick their stinky assholes and gobble their turds up. Why stop at cheering? Know ye NOT our women are being impregnated by these savages, having mongrel children. Do you know what Brazil looks like? You will once you have been shot over two dollars.

Yes cheer on the meaningless nonsense. You gibbering fools.