iowa hack

Update: 12 noon the next day

Apparently the democrats tried to use their phone app to push fake numbers, but the duplicate IDs confused the application which wasn’t designed to handle doubled reporting from the same precinct.

There has been a scramble because Joe Biden fell BELOW the required 15% to be in the race.  Obviously they cannot let that happen.

Early results:

iowa results


Update 11:05pm   More and more evidence is coming out that the IOWA caucus has been hacked by the power brokers. Democrats claim “simply a reporting issue”

“Everything’s fine, it just takes time (to fake 100,000 ballots)” said a demothug.



It’s the oldest ruse since the end of time. Democrats always seem to take endless extra hours to “count” the ballots. In reality, teams of 60 staffers are busy filling in blank ballots for the non-voters. They do about 10 a minute. 36,000 an hour.  Takes about three or four hours to totally fake the vote into their establishment candidate. I guess they had to fake a lot more ballots than that cause by noon of the next day they still hadn’t “finished faking – errr – counting the ballots”

But don’t worry, their super delegate system will throw Bernie under the bus no matter how he scores in Iowa.  Hillary ordered it in 2016.  It can happen again.

“We are doing quality control checks” said a Demothug spokesimbecile.  Meanwhile the REpublicans turned in their vote at 7pm. By 10pm the demothugs were still faking votes.