Is it DEBT that is stopping Americans from having babies … or is it insane divorce courts raping our men? Whites have stopped having children alltogether. Fear not, they do not include the 10 million who sneak into our country every year illegally.


Looking at the annual US population growth, the deceleration from 1790 to present isn’t hard to see, but the sharp collapse in growth due to influenza at the end of WWI takes a little closer look.  However, after the influenza was contained by 1920’ish, the under 65 year-old growth rate immediately recovered to trend growth before continuing its deceleration.

It just so happens that 2019 and 1918/1919 had something very important in common, they were the only years in US history with population decline among the under 65 year-old population.  As per the Census, (HERE), while the total US population grew by 1.55 million (0.48%) in 2019, all the net population growth came among the 65+ year-old population (which grew about 1.625 million). This means that in 2019, the under 65 year-old population declined by about 70 thousand.  The only time this ever occurred previously in US history was at the height of a global pandemic.  Yet, there was no pandemic in 2019…just a population unwilling to enter into parenthood at record proportions and immigration rates about half of what they were during the previous decade.  Of course, if a pandemic were to hit now with an under 65 year-old annual growth rate already below anything the US has ever experienced, the population declines would naturally be unlike anything the US has ever seen.

The rationale for the continued declining fertility rates and births appears to be the continued growth of federal debt well in advance of economic activity.  The mounting $23+ trillion in federal debt (and quadruple that in unfunded liabilities) will never be repaid and can’t honestly be serviced at anything but Federal Reserve dictated minimal interest rates.  Thus, the Fed continues to rig the interest rates, which rigs stocks and commodities…and the outcome is unnaturally high asset appreciation…which rewards elderly and institutional asset holders and punishes young, poor, and those absent assets.  Young and poor are suffering from costs of living rising far faster than incomes.  Marriage are being put off and the undertaking of childrearing is a choice that can simply be avoided with widely available birth control.  Simply put, it is the Federal Reserve coping mechanisms that are causing record low fertility rates as young adults are financially unable/unwilling to undertake children.  The Fed is preserving the present for the elderly and institutions at the expense of the young and poor present and future.