The whole Roger Stone affair is a total crock. It shows the horrific state of our government literally lousy with deep state anti-Trumpers.

And Bill Barr? He’s another no-goodnik. Has he prosecuted ANYONE from the deep state yet? NO! He needs to go. Finally I agree with the Demothugs.

Listen, the DIS (defense investigative service) can take the existing evidence against Hillary Shrillary and lock her up for many years. NO FBI REQUIRED.  As there was no charge against Shrillary and no trial, she cannot claim double jeopardy. Trump is just TOO STUPID and thinks it has to happen via the DOJ and FBI. IT DOES NOT.

That the Fake trumped up charges against Roger Stone were allowed to stand based on a LIE that he contacted Julian Assange of Wikileaks. And don’t forget  the SICK SICK bastards at Covington who withheld exculpatory evidence FROM THEIR OWN CLIENT

IT’s all basically such a mess that the only RIGHT thing for Bill Barr to do is to declare a miss-trial and then declare the case CLOSED due to the FRAUDs. List them out. Release a report. But do not put this man Roger Stone through any more misery.

And while you are at it, what about Flynn? Another victim of the deep state. in light of falsified 302 statements at the FBI, in the light of records that the prosecutors at the FBI swore he was telling the truth, they still go forward.

Time to fight back Trump or you WILL be cucked back into another impeachment hearing.  What are you some spineless WIMP? Easily led around by the nose ring like a Bull all bluster and no bite? Give me a break.