The “fairy butch” today showing the effects of testosterone abuse but NOT gender change
I always saw drag shows as men making a mockery of women, hating women, and kinda going “you ain’t all that I can do that too” which is of course, ridiculous and it comes out of hatred not out of celebrating women. In much the same way, I was shocked at the lesbian scene where drag kings were celebrated as a parody of men farting and flexing and women clapping at being “empowered”. Why on earth would a lesbian worship MALE expression? It makes no sense. Until you realize all of this skanky behaviour is about seizing power away from the enemy. It is in no way a creative honorable outlet. Most people have no idea the attitude that is so vitriolic and so sexual at drag shows and how this culture is absolutely inappropriate for a child. WORSE, it mangles things for people who trans sex because now you have drag queens with boob implants and drag kings on testosterone, yet rejecting transition and their cross-gender identity. It’s just “play” for them even to the point of sterilization.
What will 12 year old DESMOND do when the testosterone kicks in this year? He might not fit in with his swishy palls anymore!
EVEN WORSE, the sympathies that society has for those who trans-sex and the immense difficulty and even life endangerment people who trans sex put themselves through in a quest to become their true identity is in stark opposition to these drag and hormone addled imposters who act out of hatred, yet get heaped on, in some horrific misinterpreted confusion, the same kudos and protections that people who trans sex have worked hard for 50 years to obtain. And that is wrong. They should not in any way be afforded similar covenants and protections. But society is so stupid that is exactly what has happened.
It reminds me of the Steven Crowder When Trannies Attack video where the horrific male black in a skull-cap and bad clothes expresses that they became a woman last week, merely by saying so. All of this is outrageous and wrong. There was a similar video of a man in his 50s who went to thailand, had sex surgery, and returned to all his friends affirming “I’m a woman now” yet, still the body mind and expression of a 50 year old man.
A Black Drag King act – yes they are women – and its a triple failure as they celebrate hoodlum culture, black culture and the worst aspects of male culture all at once
One of the problems going on here in society is that the “whore” look is so common among natal women and women have become such fakery that they themselves have very little that is real as this chart of Katie Price (divorced!) shows:
katie price surgeries
The reason why we are so offended by these people “playing” with gender is that for others, it is damn serious stuff. And it’s sad society cannot tell the difference.