A new wave of emergencies has hit America’s hospitals. Thousands of Fat American women are finding that they are impossible to fuck.

“I pushed and pushed but nothing was gettin in that whale’s blowhole” said Skurvy McTavish.

It’s called a recessed Vulva, where the fat from the Fupa has completely esconsced and surrounded the Vulva.


“It was a horror few men should ever have to see, not fit for man nor beast” screamed Skurvy (not his real  name) after an encounter with RV.

It’s caused by a diet high in HO-HOs and McDonalds and we don’t mean the healthy salad. If your BFFs apartment is covered in empty chicken buckets, odds are she suffers from RV?

There are surgical options but that can lead for scarring. Much like the mental scarring Skurvy now faces “Gant get er out of me mind, Grrr it was enourmouse like a big white eye scowling back at me”