So women are now 50% of the workforce. They take care of themselves, provide for themselves. So why in divorce do men then have to provide for the women? This is madness.

It’s a leftover from the 1970s when times were very different.  But because women rule America, they insist on keeping this 1970s code of law, even 50 years later.

What this means is that if you ever get married as a man, the wife can lie and say you are an abusive man, ever get in trouble for lying, get the children, and get to take 70% of your assets and half your income.

The only men that will go for this deal are either very young inexperienced men, or total cucks.

Once a woman gets impregnated with your sperm, she owns you. For life. Think about that.

Women now actually wear Tooth-traps in their vaginas. Yep it’s true