Rebecca Smith has suffered from ADHD since childhood. And while the Ritalin worked, it wasn’t enough. Enter Cuddles, her 500 pound service Hippo.

“Me n Cuddles are close, we do everything together”

So when Smith had to travel to Florida to see a doctor, she brought cuddles with her.

“The TSA was very helpful, and as there are no restrictions on what kind of service animal you use, she was let right on board”

Everything went fine until the hippo had a call of nature, and left a 100 pound pile of poo in the corridor

“Thats just what hippos do” smiled Rebecca.


The other passengers were outraged. One who had brought on a 400 pound service swine demanded that Hippos were not up to the task. But Rebecca is hearing none of it.

“Next we intend to take a two week cruise, and Cuddles will be at my side keeping me safe” replied Smith