“Puzzy dumb as a stump He no read nothin!” said one black student

“Sho Fool we’s all dump as stub” said another

“I bes de smartest I bes de smartest” cried another like a Zulu

Yep. They got 53 Million. For being too stupid. Ah that’s calyfornia for ya. It’s more free money, just don’t rock the boat, keep getting dumber, and keep getting replaced with heaves and sketcherwauls


California students sued because they were such poor readers. They just won $53 million to help themLos Angeles Times, February 21, 2020

LOS ANGELES — Two years ago, a group of students and their teachers sued the state of California for doing a poor job teaching kids how to read — 53% of California third-graders did not meet state test standards that year, and scores have increased only incrementally since. On Thursday they won $53 million so that the state’s lowest-performing schools have the resources to do better.

Under the settlement with the state, most of the funding will be awarded over three years to 75 public elementary schools, including charters, with the poorest third-grade reading scores in California over the last two years. The agreement comes after the novel lawsuit contended that the students’ low literacy levels violated California’s constitutional mandate to provide all children with equal access to an education, said attorney Mark Rosenbaum at the pro bono law firm Public Counsel.