Update 2/24/20: Looks like there is zero racial immunity as Italy and Iran have now been hit with the virus. However the rapid rise in south korea cases does seem to indicate greater virulance in these populations. Pay close attention to the death rate vs. infection cases in Italy as if it’s lower than south korea it will indicate some racial immunity. Iran’s infection rate is likely in the thousands, but they will refuse to report it. And in Hubei 20 new incinerator trucks have been brought in to keep up with the burning of hundreds of bodies each day.



Corona is devestating asian nations. But will it hit white people? what about AFrica? Africa is overcrowded and unsanitary, as is India. Is the corona virus then the perfect weapon against the dysgenic people of the world who have grown fat off of eurapanic charity free food affirmative action welfare and god forbid the horror of the H-1B visa (importing millions of fake degreed low IQ savages to replace america’s best and brightest)

This racial difference may be because, according to scientist James Tamerius, flu thrives either when there is low humidity combined with low temperature or when it is extremely humid [Flu Risk And Weather: It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Humidityby Nancy Schute, NPR, March 8, 2013]. Humans whose ancestors adapted to these two extreme conditions are, therefore, more resistant to flu.

We don’t know yet but we can hope.