One of India’s Top Computer Programmers Frustrated he cannot get a Green Card

“I worked hard all my life” said a dejected thrown away American Software Engineer “I was top in my class from a top university, then they threw me away for  a H-1B Engineer from India who didn’t know how to do anything”

Indians are fleeing their shit-hole country and using the H-1B visa as a permanent entry to the USA and to get Green Cards. But with the 7% limit for India, the backlog now stretches more than 10 years. Which is why scum senators are floating new bills to remove that barrier. Because flooding america with FIVE MILLION fake degreed Indians for only FOUR MILLION jobs is a complete genocide of the American software engineer. But they won’t tell you the real numbers on Lou Dobbs Tonight. When I wrote both Lou ad their FAIR guest telling them that their numbers were flat wrong, showing them the tables, well… no response. It’s kinda like being told there are STILL only 11 million illegal immigrants in the USA .. .except… thats the number Clinton told you. Bill Clinton.

Wait a second, thats a NON IMMIGRANT TEMPORARY VISA. How come they are outraged they can’t stay permanently? Answer: they have abused the system for so long they take it for granted they get to apply for green cards from a non-immigrant visa. They are OUTRAGED their scam to rape our nation IS BEING SLOWED DOWN NOT STOPPED.

THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED PERIOD. IT IS OUTRAGEOUS. IT IS GENOCIDE OF OUR BEST AND BRIGHTEST. But no one cares.  These are American families with children to feed. Work hard they said. Work long hours they said. Climb the ladder they said. They LIED.

Now it’s a nation of low IQ savages sitting in chairs meant for smart American engineers. Helpless, faltering, nearly always required to bring in an American engineer or two to bail them out when they totally flub it – can you say Obamacare? can you say Dreamliner? Can you say Whitfield? – their egregious errors always result in collapse of the parasitic host. But the MBAs already are long gone with their big fat bonuses for “saving the company millions”.

They never do it one for one. They do it via an agency like TATA or Cognizant. Keeps them feeling like their hands are clean. “Oh they just offered to do the contract for a lower price” they know DAMN WELL they are flooding in incompetent Indians with fake degrees and fake resumes. Of course they will work CHEAPER than American engineers who ground through difficult schools paid upwards of $200,000 for their education and then STILL got put in QA and lessar jobs for years being told they had to prove themselves.  And after all that, when they finally get a chance, nope! Replaces by a low IQ savage with a bone through its nose. Yep! That’s America, it’s enough to make you vote Bernie Sanders! Fu** the capitalists if this is how they operate.

So groveling at the green card processing queue because they’ve flooded in over FIVE MILLION, well, it’s ridiculous. It’s a symptom of the GENOCIDE, not a trifle that sends wuss cucked out Indians crying for doom. You see for them, working for peanuts is all about the citizenship, then they can have their ten children each and begin to build all Indian communities, hire only Indians (which is what all the Indian controlled body shops now do, god there are so many of them). And this is why there is NO POINT EVER responding to a job offer from someone with an Indian name. The American resumes will just be put in a pile to prove they don’t “discriminate” while pumping in boatloads of fake degreed Indians who cant do shit. And they know it. A six month “lingo” course is called a masters degree and who the heck checks up on Indian degrees, even the prime minister if purported to be using a fake one!

Trump why don’t you stop this Malarkey?


As the panic around the clampdown on H-1B visas by the Donald Trump administration mounts, US employers are trying to make their non-American talent feel secure.

In 2020, four in five employers sponsored green cards for their foreign workers within one year of employment, up from two-thirds in the year prior, according to immigration law firm Envoy Global.

Among them, a quarter did it immediately after hiring a candidate.

Chicago-based Envoy Global surveyed 433 human resources professionals and hiring managers across a variety of industries and company sizes.

In December 2019, an estimated 800,000 foreign nationals working legally in the US were awaiting green cards. Most of them were Indian. This group faces the worst backlog when it comes to getting a green card, thanks to a 7%-per-country cap on allocations each year.

Libertarian think tank CATO Institute estimates that the wait time for Indians with advanced degrees to get permanent residency in the US is 49 years at the current pace of processing.

The H-1B visa lets foreigners live and work in the US for up to six years. Since Trump took office in 2016, red tape around the applications has significantly worsened and rejections in this category have soared.

Nearly three-quarters of American companies in the poll said they have sponsored permanent residency for a foreign national.

They’re not only sponsoring green cards faster this year, but are also trying to give out the residency permits in higher numbers and covering visa-related costs.

However, American employers are also extra cautious while helping their foreign workers. Over 30% have added a clause for employees to reimburse them if they leave within a certain time frame.