So the billions of billions that the EU paid to Turkey to prevent immigrants from crossing into the EU has apparently been for naught, as for the next 72 hours, the borders are being flung open. Turkey is sick of the 3.4 million refugees, and many of them are sick with Coronavirus, meaning, they no longer want to risk infection!

As coronavirus ravages Iran and threatens to spread through the broader Middle East, potentially hitting refugee and war-torn populations hardest, it appears Erdogan is now making good on prior threats to “open the gates” of a flood of refugees on Europe. On Friday top Turkish officials were quoted as saying Turkey has no choice but to “loosen” its stance on the some 3.4 million refugees it is hosting.

This was the immediate, and perhaps predictable reaction, to Thursday’s dramatic escalation involving the deaths of some 33 Turkish soldiers in Idlib via airstrike, in the single deadliest day for Turkey in Syria throughout the entirety of the war. Widespread early reports said it was a Russian strike, but in a sign that Ankara doesn’t want to confront the more formidable Russian Air Force, it has blamed Syrian forces.

Turkey has announced it has opened its until now sealed border with Idlib for at least 72 hours, and will allow unhindered passage of refugees to Europe.

Ragıp Soylu


Turkish TVs broadcast footages showing migrants are boarding boats off Turkish coast, departing to Greek islands

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