An American tourist and his Hungarian girlfriend are facing up to five years in a Thai jail after they were arrested for allegedly making porn videos in their hotel room.

Hotel staff became suspicious that the man, named as Roderick “Big Mambo” Matthews Jr., 31, and his partner, Kata “Kinky” Koszo, 22, were staying illegally in the country.

Officers raided their room in Krabi, southern Thailand on Tuesday afternoon where they claimed they found the couple romping on a bed.

The couple reportedly traveled around the country making hundreds of explicit videos then sold them online.

“They came to Krabi but never left the room, then we heard strange bangin” said a cleaning woman who spoke in fractured english.

When the hotel investigated, they found they had overstayed their visa by 235 days. A serious crime in Thailand.

Producing pornography and working without a permit are both serious charges.

They will face years in prison and likely not get a free pass for being black.