With only a 4th grade education, Matush has left the slums of India behind, throwing an American with degrees from MIT into the streets

It was one of Trump’s big promises. America first he said. Reform the H-1B he said. Little did we realize that his meaning of “reform” for which he set off a committee to “hire america first and implement that policy” would do NOTHING to slow or stop the nations H-1B genocide of American software engineers.

When ever Trump is asked about it he replies that he has worked to make H-1B visas EASIER for big American companies to get.

Over FOUR MILLION American software engineers have now lost their jobs to H-1B slag labor mostly from india. They don’t have to pay for expensive degrees so they are much cheaper to hire.  Their student loan debt is $100 bucks for a lingo course to pass an interview which lasts about two weeks. Then they are printed out a fake degree, fake course transcript, and a fake work resume complete with fake contacts. It’s enough to get them in – benched – while they wait on a job opening. The process might take years, with every last tech job in America getting flooded with thousands of these “benched” fake degreed slag laborers.

“In india I dug ditches to hold camel dung. In America I drive a porsche. Thank you mistuh Trump!” said Matush, an engineer at one of the big tech firms. He gets paid 70,000 a year which is much less than the $150,000 a year an experienced software engineer earns. Many  H-1B slag laborers on contracts get paid next to nothing.

Thanks indeed.  Another American engineer has been thrown away to make room for Matush.  With only 4.2 million technology jobs and 5 million indians here, over  250,000 new arrivals each year to throw our best and brightest into the streets all we can say is – Thank you Mr. Trump.