Ah bolivia, land of smiles and trees and coffee. and rape apparently.

A girl of five has been raped by her 12-year-old neighbour in a shocking abuse case, it is claimed.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, underwent emergency surgery after the assault while her attacker has been left “carrying on as normal” because he is too young to face criminal punishment in Bolivia.

The girl denied being raped as blood poured from her nether parts. Her mother rushed her to the hospital and saved her life.

They are just like us. Skin color doesn’t matter. they are just like… just like … us.

The brown races mature faster with less developed brains. They do not develop the capability for ethical and empathic thinking. They become creatures of pure ego.  People who do not understand this fundamental racial difference are themselves suffering from being on the left side of the IQ bell curve.