Personally I use a BIDET at home. No toilet paper anywhere. It’s cleaner and better. But most Americans still wipe their butts with paper. Because its all they know. Turns out that’s the SINGLE ITEM that’s been fueling the costco panic. Some people have bought 500 rolls! Which has forced CostCo to RATION the vital substance. It’s like Elaine in Seinfeld – “Can you spare a ply?”

Wholly freaking Geezuss!😨 “Attention Costco Shoppers, don’t bother looking for loo paper…” {is it Halloween already? borrowed from a friend, thnx2 photographer unknown} 😰👽👽

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One Twitter user said, “Costco employee just told everyone 2 toilet paper items each.” Thank goodness one item can mean 64 rolls at costco!