The Jews, they only killed about 90 million people if you combine the bolshevik revolution, the starvation of Ukraine, and the Armenian genocide.

It’s been a high bar to meet.  Even Mao feel short at only 80 million dead under his communist revolution.

Hitler? He’s small peaches – only 10 million dead. And it really wasn’t his fault he offered Churchill good peace terms SEVENTEEN times, it was the British who were maniacal warmongers. They were so HOW DARE YOU AFFRONT OUR HIGH AND MIGHTY KINGDOM that they were basically nutso with war.

Pol Pot? Thirty million cambodians dead. Yah it was a rough time. But this lady I’m going to introduce, will have murdered 200 million even a BILLION people by the time all things are done.

Who is it?

Xiangguo Qiu the chinese researcher who bribed the Canadian vireology lab with grants and brought in a team of Chinese researches to do virus research on the most deadly viruses.

It was Qiu who recognized the potential for the ultimate death machine in these viruses and it was HER signatures on the permissions to send it to the Wuhan China Virus lab.

“oh shes just a sweet lady….” uhm yah, DR DEATH I call her!

Once in china, they used their gene editing to graft on SARS endpoints to make it airborne and highly infections.  So they took a very dangerous covid virus which didn’t spread or infect so easily, and put it together with one that did.  And didn’t show symptoms for 2 or 3 weeks.

The result. The uber silent spreading killer that can murder whole nations.

One wonders what will happen in the uncivilized lands of Africa. They might get cleared out if the west doesnt send them anti-viral meds. But we ALREADY send them anti-HIV meds (a fake disease, in africa simple diarrhea is called HIV!) So maybe Africa is covered.

But it’s going to take out a lot of Asia, Europe and India. It’s not going to be good.

so 100M dead is just the beginning.

“I still hope that this is a big misunderstanding,” said the former head of the lab’s special pathogens program, where Qiu worked. “She is a great researcher, she has been a great collaborator, she has been a great interacter in the field. I can’t say anything bad about her.”