The filthy somalian’s attitude is beyond belief.  She wouldnt fuck him because “she racist”.  IT WAS A LITTLE GIRL.  He claims that the issue was she wouldn’t “loan” him her cell phone. That’s ROBBERY.

Well at least he will spend a year in prison.  He will be back on the streets raping little girls in six months.


The teenage girl had left the train station when she was attacked outside a school and pulled to the ground. During the attack, the girl fought back and was hit several times in the face.

The attacker later claimed that the girl “deserved” to be raped because she “hated black people” reports Samnytt.

The attacker was born in 1994 and is a citizen of Somalia.

It was early in the morning on the 19th of October when the attack took place in the region of Stockholm.

He pulled her to the ground and attempted to rape her by laying on top of the girl and started to grind against her leg.

During the attack the man said to the girl “I know that you want” while unzipping is fly.

The girl managed to kick and hit the man in the face with her keys, while he was hitting her several times in the face.

At last she managed to flee by getting out of her jacket that the attacker had a hold of.

She quickly went home and woke up her brother who went back to the crime scene and found the attacker. Police were quickly on the scene to arrest the man.

The girls mascara, mobile phone and jacket was found by the police.

The man got permanent residency in Sweden in 2007, but he is not a citizen of Sweden.

He claims that the girl refused to loan out her mobile phone to him, and that she hit him in his eye with her keys. Further, he claims that the girl was racist towards people of color.