PM: Attache MI, what is this crazy accusation that America started the corona virus?

HuMi:  No Crazy Is Truth! Americans destroy world. Only China can save

PM: You can’t truly believe that? Everyone knows the Virus was stolen from the Canadian research lab and shipped to China’s Wuhan virology facility by Qiu

HuMi: No Qui. Americans do everything

PM: But we have genetic sequencing showing it was later grafted with H1Ni to become weaponized in China

HuMi: America Destroyer of UNIVERSE!

PM: Mi, what’s gotten into you

<Mi begins to gag and choke, then vomits out a small green man>

Green Man, pointing gun at HuMi: Who created the Virus?

HuMi: Americans, Americans

PM <crushing little man under foot> He does make a refreshing sploosh sound

HuMi: You should not have done that. They come back with more <knocking on door> Don’t Open it they are here! Hide ME! SAVE ME!

PM: I stuffed HuMi into my large duffel bag and made for the windows. Got into the car and drove at high speed for over an hour. “It’s safe now”

HuMi: Jesus China Crazy place. Thanks Patriot Mouse

PM: Anytime HuMI, anytime