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I am not a doctor and this should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your physician.

  1. Are you showing symptoms:  Fever, Weakness, and Cough

If you are, consider getting tested the US is making testing available even for free IF you show the symptoms.

2. If you are showing symptoms and / or test positive, you should SELF ISOLATE

Few hospitals have air controlled safe rooms.  Those beds are very scarce.  It is much better to isolate in place at home.  Coordinate with someone who can call and check on your condition if you are alone.

3. Mild Symptoms? Therapy?

High doses of vitamin C  – 1000mg 4-6 times a day is one therapy that is being studied. Sickness patterns seem to be falling along vitamin C lines.

A vaporizer inhaler (that you put your nose and face on) with 100ppm or lower colloidal silver in a 35/65 mix with water.  Do it several times a day.  Any level of colloidal silver but 100ppm is the highest you can find

4. Prepare?

Have some basic supplies of water and food. Rather than get high expense pouch food, consider basic soups, soups that are dry with dry veggies, pasta, etc.

while the thin cloth masks may be easier to wear, they really dont do so much.  better is a full rubber enclosing air filter that closes around the nose and mount.  Wear it if you are symptomatic OR if you are entering a large crowded place.

No you wont die if you don’t buy 4,000 rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Just basic soap and hand washing works fine.