Wait, I know I’ve seen this somewhere before… ah yes Johnny Mnemonic .. no Minority Report! Where they just place the baddies on ice in cryogenic suspension. Is this the new way to handle the Corona Catastrophe?  Well it would stop it from spreading thats for sure.

On Saturday, AD documented the case of a 16-year-old boy with no disclosed underlying conditions who wound up in the ICU after complaining of nausea and headaches. He is currently on ventilation in a medically-induced coma.

16-year-old Sehraz from the Netherlands (via AD.nl)

As long as he can’t breathe properly himself, they keep him artificially asleep,” said his 24-yaer-old brother Babor.

We need to put this in perspective with other plagues. Corona is actually very small right now in terms of deaths.  The big danger is fear itself, our panics clearing off shelves in groceries. We won’t know how bad it’s going to BECOME in 60-90 days but governments are preparing for exponential endless growth. That is not very likely.  Once we cover the dip and begin to plateu with just a steady similar stream of cases we will likely know the true extent. we aren’t there for a long while yet, but still until we do get there, remain calm and use reasonable precautions.

Note: HIV has been removed from this chart. We know for certain that the deaths in Africa are fraudulent and have very little evidence that it exists for real at all.