Bernie sanders vows to “END THE TERROR” of ICE arresting illegal invaders

“All the bad things are coming through the ports of entry, we don’t need the wall” says Biden in some psycho logic.  Without the wall.. of course… no one would bother trying to smuggle in through a port of entry!

“We need a humane border… where all low IQ rapists can enter easily. The days of a hard to enter border are over!” says Sanders (ok we embellished a little bit)

Opening the borders will let more illegal invaders take jobs from Americans.

The Humane thing to do is put American workers first.

Meanwhile Joe Biden declares “I will give Brazil 20 billion dollars to end the rain forest and allow farming”

Bernie counters “It’s nowhere near enough, it’s not about money”

Biden tried to out anti-oil – “no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling period”